Live alongside the olives

Mission, Lucca, Manzanillo.
Within these three rooms named after olive types awaits a unique experience.

The expansive windows look out across the ocean, and facts about olives are scattered around the room.

Within olives, there is something for every aspect of your life, and we hope that staying here will allow you to experience that.
Close your eyes and listen closely.

You won’t find the sound of cars within this grove.
You’ll hear the birds, the waves, the passing boats – sounds you can only experience here.

At night, you will eat a feast made using olives.
After dinner, you can use an olive oil lamp to light your way to the Millenium Olive Tree.
Looking up at the star-filled sky, you will experience a moment you will remember for the rest of your life.

After sleeping amongst the trees, you will wake up in the morning and feel a change.

The light filtering in from the windows will invite you out for a morning walk among the trees.

Stay in a forest of olive trees, find well-being through olives.


Live alongside the olives

Mission, Lucca, Manzanillo. Three rooms named after three different types of olives, where you can watch the passing of seasons amongst the olive grove. All of the rooms have expansive windows looking out at the ocean, and private terraces.

Surrounded by nature, you rest your eyes and tune in to the sounds around you: the light filtering through the olive trees and the calming sounds of the ocean waves that can be heard from the window. We hope you enjoy the luxury of tranquility in this unique olive experience in your home away from home.



The Gate Lounge wellness experiences

For our guests, at the Gate Lounge, we have prepared several olive-themed wellness experiences for you to enjoy during your stay. Chill out with a glass of Olive Sake, bathe in an olive salt bath, and fall asleep listening to healing music that highlights the sounds of rustling olive tree leaves. Start your day with an olive health drink in the morning. Look out at the Seto Inland Sea, and heal both your body and mind with these unique experiences that can only be had here.



Cleanse your body and soul at the Olive Wellness Garden

2473 Kō, Tonosho, Shozu District, 
Kagawa 761-4100, Japan

Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (varies by season)
Closed Wednesday and Thursdays
TEL: 0879-62-8989
Access: 8 minutes by car from Tono Port

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